GET ON YOUR BOOTS: Springsteen guests on new Matt O'Ree Band album, out Wednesday - November 20, 2016

This week brings a new studio collaboration from Bruce Springsteen, who guests on the Matt O'Ree Band song "Black Boots." O'Ree, a celebrated fellow Jersey Shore guitar-slinger - from his own work to touring with Bon Jovi - releases Brotherhood on November 23, on CD and digital download. The lead single, "Black Boots" features Springsteen on guitar and co-lead vocals.

In a press release, O'Ree speaks to how the team-up came together:

"I taught his son guitar for many years. I grew very close to him, he was like my little brother, he really became an amazing friend. One day he asked if I had anything new of mine he could listen to. At the time I was working on 'Black Boots' with Jon (Bon Jovi), one of the first finished versions. After playing it for him, he played it for his dad, without me even knowing. The next week at the lesson, I saw Bruce and he commented that he liked what I was up to. That was a defining moment for me, and with every ounce of courage I had, I asked Bruce if he would be interested in playing on it. With a pause he thought for a second, and then said, 'Sure. Let me see what I can add to it.' All I remember were overwhelming feelings of joy running through me. One incredible moment in an otherwise average day for a kid from Holmdel."

Springsteen himself spoke a few years back about this recording, and O'Ree's bluesy "riff rock," in a December 2013 interview with E Street Radio:

"I started my career as a heavy-metal guitarist... I had a prog rock band, basically. We were a heavy blues, prog rock group, Steel Mill.... Steve and I both were pretty familiar with that kind of guitar [playing]. We literally made a living at it for quite a while, and I actually do miss it.... I just sang on [a yet-to-be-released recording with] Matt O'Ree. He's a local blues player on the Shore. It's riff music, riff rock. It was fun. It's kinda dirty, sexy music... fun to play. I miss that."

For more on O'Ree and "Black Boots," read Chris Jordan's piece in the Asbury Park Press. The Matt O'Ree Band will celebrate Brotherhood in Asbury on Wednesday night, with an album release show at the Stone Pony.

- November 20, 2016